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Over 35 years of Financial Planning and Wealth Management Guidance

The Longleaf forest is noted for its aesthetic beauty and a rich diversity of plants and animals. It naturally grows straighter, tapers less, and produces a stronger, heavier wood than the loblolly pine. It’s superior wood quality brings top dollar for poles, pilings and grade sawtimber. While longleaf trees grow slow at first, they can catch-up on nutrient poor sites. The Longleaf lives longer than other trees and its long needles are preferred landscape mulch. It is resistant to disease, insect injury, fire and wind damage from hurricanes. In summary, the Longleaf pine makes dollars and sense in a variety of different ways for its owner.

Longleaf pine grows value faster than it grows wood

Longleaf Alliance

So, what does a Longleaf Pine have to do with investing? At Longleaf Wealth Management Group, LLC, we believe the adaptations the Longleaf Pine makes as it travels through its various life stages are not dissimilar to those that our clients make as they traverse the various life stages of investing. In essence, we believe our clients deserve a financial plan that is engineered to stand the test of time under varying circumstances, pursue the stated results and work towards an environment of collaboration between us and you.

Our experience and our experience of working with a diverse group of individuals, families and businesses has led us to view financial planning as a process, not a product.

Our process begins with getting to know you extremely well. Our goal is to get an understanding of what drives you, your likes and dislikes and what is most important to you personally and financially.

Our goal is to work towards a safe and secure environment for you to share your financial goals and topics that may concern you. Once we determine your short, mid-, and long-term financial goals we work with you to create a custom financial plan that will help you pursue your financial goals.

Our job is to help you organize and prioritize your goals, monitor your progress on a regular basis and provide guidance as you experience the personal and professional changes that come with the various financial stages of life.

Our process incorporates the basics of a good planning process: goal setting, strategy, financial plan development, implementation of the plan, and ongoing review of the plan. Over the years we have refined the Longleaf Wealth Management Group financial planning process by studying and incorporating lessons learned from the life stages of the Longleaf Pine.

For the Longleaf Pine to reach old age, 250 plus years, it has to prevail through the large occurrence of small scale disturbances, not dissimilar to one’s financial life. If you’re going to pursue your financial goals, in most cases, that’s not a straight line to goal achievement.

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